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Dedication and Service

Following the passing of beloved entertainer Bobby Rydell in April 2022, an inspiring conversation took place between Wildwood, NJ Mayor Ernie Troiano and local restaurateur and entertainer, Joey M. The two discussed the possibility of honoring Bobby's legacy with a statue. This initial idea sparked a broader vision for the Bobby Rydell Foundation, reflecting the multifaceted impact Bobby had throughout his life and career.


The idea for the statue quickly gained momentum. Joey M reached out to Bobby's wife, Linda, who wholeheartedly approved. However, as conversations deepened, it became clear that Bobby Rydell's legacy could extend far beyond a single monument. Reflecting on Bobby's life and contributions, the foundation expanded its mission to encompass a range of philanthropic activities.


Bobby's journey into show business began at a young age, and he never held a traditional office or factory job. His career was dedicated entirely to the stage and the performing arts. Inspired by Bobby's beginnings and passion, the foundation decided to establish scholarships in his name. These scholarships aim to support students pursuing education in performing arts and music, helping to nurture the next generation of talent just as Bobby's own career was fostered.


Another significant chapter in Bobby Rydell's life was his double transplant surgery in 2012. Bobby received both a liver and a kidney, granting him an additional decade of life thanks to the Gift of Life program. The Gift of Life is an organ and tissue donation program that provides life-saving transplants to those in need, offering them a second chance at life. Bobby's experience with this program deeply influenced the foundation's mission to support and promote organ donation awareness and the Gift of Life organization.


The Bobby Rydell Foundation now hosts various events throughout the year to raise funds for its initiatives. These events not only support the creation of Bobby's statue but also fund scholarships and promote the importance of organ donation. Through these efforts, the foundation ensures that Bobby Rydell's legacy continues to inspire and impact lives in meaningful ways, honoring his contributions to music, the arts, and the community.


In essence, the Bobby Rydell Foundation was born out of a desire to commemorate Bobby's extraordinary life and career, evolving into a powerful force for good, embodying the values and passions that defined Bobby Rydell.

Meet Our Board Members



Linda Hoffman-Rydell

More about Linda coming soon!

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